March 22nd, 2010

After much deliberation, I think I am going to write my final paper on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. I can watch that film a million times and still try to understand it’s brilliance. There is a lot to discuss about aesthetics, even though the film is in black and white. On a deeper level, there are many gender issues brought up because of the clear position of women in this film as opposed to men. Even more so, Bates has serious psychotic problems that can be further understood using psychoanalysis, which is what the officer at the end of the film attempts to use. With this is mind, I am going to use the theories of Christian Metz, Laura Mulvey and Mary Ann Doane, since they all discuss the topics of psychoanalysis, spectatorship and gender/sexual differences.

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    Proposal at Lauren’s Blog: Film Theory

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    Proposal at Lauren’s Blog: Film Theory

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