Film and Reality

March 2nd, 2010

Hello. I really enjoyed something that Balasz said regarding to the silent soliloquy. Back in the day, Shakespeare would have his main characters speak for long periods of time, soliloquies. Maybe back in the day that would of been accepted and seemed interesting and realistic, but nowadays, we enjoy reality on the screen. Along with loving reality, viewers prefer to watch someone speaking a silent soliloquy than a regular soliloquy, an unnatural way for the character to tell the viewers his thoughts and ideas. Soliloquies seem long, boring and not realistic. With silent soliloquies, the viewers still get what the character is trying to say, but it seems more natural and real.

What would you say is a silent soliloquy nowadays? I tried to think of a film that had one but nothing came to mind.

Kracauer says something a bit different. He says that a film, like an embryo, it is something made up of many separate components. A film combines sound, editing, light… so many important factors of a film. Also, he discusses the two tendencies of film. The first is realistic tendency; with movement of camera and the actors, and the stage, mise-en-scene. The stage and area where the film is being shot must look realistic or the viewer will not find it believable. The second tendency is formative tendency, which represents movement toward order, complexity and interrelatedness of a film.

Benjamin discusses film art and how technology is used to replicate it. He says that technology makes the art lose something because it is lacking authenticity. I can, on one hand, agree that with technology, something is worth less because we are able to make copies, have easier access… But on the other hand, technology can also enhance art. Take for example Disney films. When the Disney films first came out around the 1950s, the quality was not that great. But nowadays, Disney films are being redone so the picture is sharper, sound is clearer and the film is overall better quality. What would Benjamin say about that? Yes Disney is reproducing their classic cartoon films, but the quality is so much better!

According to Bazin, the Myth of Total Cinema is the reproduction of the world, reality, according to the artists interpretation. What would Bazin think about reality television and mocumentary films, films that are scripted documentaries (usually really funny). For example, what would he think about the film Selig, staring Woody Allen. It seemed like reality, yet slightly impossible and the reality being portrayed was that of the director/writer.

Just some ideas I was thinking about when reading these theories.

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4 Responses to “Film and Reality”

  1. saramungiguerra on March 2, 2010 9:08 pm

    The way that you described the Disney movies is EXACTLY what I meant by reproductibility, but I think I worded it wrong (haha). The way that things have been made in the past were very traditional and poor quality but as these works of art are being reproduced, they are better quality and very must remastered. Although, when artists re-did (or tried to re-do) the Mona Lisa, I feel that it’s a very depreciated and devalued Mona Lisa and that’s the key difference.

  2. christina421 on March 3, 2010 11:11 pm

    I think if you take any silent film, that would be a form of silent soliloquy because no one really speaks. Take for example, Charlie Chaplin, he was always about body language and facial expressions. Without words, he was able to convey his emotions, mood, and meaning.

    Disney movies are being re-made and yes the quality is much better, but I feel Benjamin would disagree with what Pixar is doing in relation to creative art. There was so much effort and time put into the art of cartoons, and technology is so advanced now, people no longer need to go through the lengthy process of being artistic anymore. Even special effects through computers – let’s go back to the days where everything was hand made like Star Wars or E.T. – Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What happened to that? I feel that was so much better than the mundane computer graphics and effects. I certainly appreciate hand crafted work.

  3. dana318 on March 14, 2010 2:23 pm

    In terms of the silent soliloquy I agree that body movement and facial expressions can show more about a characters feelings than words sometimes do.

    As for the Disney movies and animation, in recent years I feel that special effects occur more often in an animated way with films besides that of children films. I feel that eventually films are going to be a mixture of both reality and animated graphics in one. Avatar and Clash of the Titans are good examples

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